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Osprey Tours was founded by passionate nature guide James Wilson. James’ unique experiences in the Greater Kruger and Southern Africa gives us exactly what it takes to provide our customers with an enjoyable, stress-free, and memorable experience. Osprey Tours offers a range of services, including private airport and lodge-to-lodge transfers, events and charter services, guided day trips into Kruger National Park as well as sightseeing tours of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

Events & Charters; Skukuza Airport; Kruger National Park

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Car; Private Shuttle; Mercedes Benz


Efficiency, Reliability and Safety

Osprey Tours is a small business, available 24 hours a day for anything from enquiries to emergencies and are always happy to assist. We utilize spacious and comfortable vehicles with air-conditioning and equipped with vehicle satellite tracking.

We have instituted a rigorous vehicle maintenance schedule to ensure that the quality of our tours remains constant and that the safety of our passengers is ensured. All our vehicles are fully insured, including passenger liability insurance.

Viewing Wildlife
Packed Osprey Van

Behind The Wheel

Osprey’s team of hand-picked guides and drivers are some of the best in the business. With your safety as the main priority, our team on the road endeavors to ensure you have a pleasant experience with Osprey Tours. All guides and drivers are fully qualified, meeting the legislative requirements.

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